Matthew Lloyd (1988, England UK)



Lecturer of Artistic and Theoretical Writing Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany, 2019-2024.

Guest lecturer of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Performing Public Space Programme, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2021 - 2023. 

Guest mentor & invited Artist for Future.Repair.Machine, European Events and Conferences, Tilburg, Netherlands 2023, Graz, Austria, 2024.


When the real is too real to be realised: Adorno, the traumatic voice and when truth can only exist through fiction. 2019.

Art and moral absolutism: Rancière’s Dissensus in an age of the anti-apolitical. 2019-20.

‍‍Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your…The object, acousmatic and ethical voice in public realms, 2022‍

“I prefer not to” Bartley’s institutional critique and the importance of performing anti-labour. 2022. 

Visual Manifesto {The Language of Protest}, the art manifesto’s polemic and sublime power in an era of post-civil discourse. 2023 -24.

An artist committed: analysing the films of Banshees of Inisherin (2022), Tár (2022), Menu (2022), and American Fiction (2023). 2024.


M.F.A Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Weimar, Germany, 2016 - 2018.

BA (Hons) Graphic Arts: Illustration/Graphic Design, Liverpool John Moores Art and Design Academy, UK, 2008 - 2010. 

Fellowships & Awards:

Stiftung Kunstfond artist grant award, germany 2022

Klassik Stiftung-Fredrick Nietzsche-Fellowship, Weimar, Germany, 2022.

Bauhaus University Weimar, Bauhaus Essentials 8 Artist Award, 2017.

GlogauAIR, Berlin Art Residency, 2013 - 2014.


Sculptorvox Vol 3: God Complex, 2019.


Review on Sculptorvox Magazine, 2020.

Thüringische Landeszeitung, 2019.


The Occupied Seats of Ukraine - Elena Subach, artreview and double negative magazine,2023

Permanent Collection:

You Cannot Hear I? {Buchenwald Forest} Buchenwald Memorial Former Concentration Camp,
Permanent Collection, Weimar, 2017.


Words Fail Me, ACC Gallery, Weimar, 2019.

No Longer Can Anything Exist In Isolation, Billboard Installation, Kunstfest, Weimar, 2018.

Solo Exhibitions:

Spracherneuerung!, Curated by Janek Müller (HKW), ACC Galerie, Weimar, 2019.

( ) {Voi(ce)d}, Reizueberflutung Gallery, Weimar, 2018.

{I} Billboard Installation, Glogauer Str, Berlin, 2014.

Something Nothing Nothing Something / A Manifesto I, FF Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, 2012.

Think Outside The Box, Arena Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, 2012.

I Don’t Believe In, The Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, 2010.

Group Exhibitions:

Kunstfest Weimar, Curated by Janek Müller (HKW) 2018.

Bauhaus Essentials 8, Marke.6 Gallery, Weimar, 2017.

Desintegriert Euch!, Gorki - 3rd Herbstsalon, Berlin, 2017.

(Un) Sounds of Buchenwald, Buchenwald Memorial Weimar & Momentum Gallery, Berlin,2017.

GlogauAIR, Open Studio, Berlin, 2014.

HOT-ONE-HUNDRED, Schwartz Gallery, London, 2013.

Passion For Freedom, Unit 24 Gallery, London, 2012.